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August 9 2015 1 09 /08 /August /2015 23:21
Anti bull fight demo at Spanish tourist office in Dublin...
Anti bull fight demo at Spanish tourist office in Dublin...

On Thursday last (August 6th) members and supports of several Irish animal protection groups protested outside both the Spanish tourist office in Dublin and the office of the government’s Arts Minister.

One demo highlighted the promotion of bullfighting savagery by the Spanish tourist agency, while the second protest drew attention to the fact that another hare coursing season will commence in late September if the Minister for Arts and Culture grants a license permitting this annual five months of live baiting to take place legally in Ireland.

If the license is granted, thousands of hares- gentle inoffensive creatures- will be forced to run from hyped-up greyhounds, to be mauled, terrorised, pinned to the ground to suffer broken bones, and tossed into the air like broken toys...all for the amusement of humans who consider this “sport.”

You can help end this cruelty by spreading the word about the petition to ban hare coursing in Ireland that you have (to you eternal credit!) already signed.

Politicians cannot indefinitely ignore domestic, and international, opinion on wildlife protection issues.


Twin demos target bullfighting and hare coursing...

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