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March 29 2014 7 29 /03 /March /2014 21:04

The problem is that the Irish Government's concept of “animal welfare” fully embraces and facilitates the proven cruelty of hare coursing, fox hunting, fox dig-outs, fur farming, badger snaring, among other cruelties, and the so-called Animal Health and Welfare Act permits these activities.


The conference is to be open only to people who will stay conveniently silent about these obscenities.


All groups opposed to any or all of the above named cruelties will hopefully come together and picket this devious attempt at political whitewashing of animal cruelty.


The Government is trying to push its pro-blood sports agenda under the guise of a sham concern for the welfare of SOME animals.


Here are some of the government backed "sportspeople"  in action...attempting to suppress filming of a practise they claim has nothing to hide...





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