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November 8 2014 7 08 /11 /November /2014 15:57
Despite repeated claims by Irish government officials that hare coursing events are not held in adverse weather conditions, the evidence shows the opposite: Here, in this video clip of a recent hare coursing fixture in Ireland, heavy rain is clearly falling on the baiting venue.
Setting up our iconic Irish Hare as live bait, to be terrorised and often mauled or otherwise injured to amuse gambling fans is bad enough...but it happens in hail, rain, snow, or with high winds blowing, adding to the hare's plight as it seeks to dodge the pursuing greyhounds. Pro hare coursing politicians continue to deny this proven fact. They routinely rise in the Dail (Irish parliament) and glibly announce that coursing clubs always take care not to allow hares "perform" in inclemant weather.
Such assurances are easily refuted by the simple truth caught on camera:
Have a look:

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